Hello ! Welcome to KAMIKIRIBEYA . 


01 counsering

    We have specially technic for your hair (couselling , cut , coulour , parm) ,and will serve customers carefully from counseling!!

We propose hairstyles that suit you and incorporate trends.
 We have different from other shops in Hamamatsu and have special skils (French cut gran ,Dreadlocks....)
With our skills you can more easily styling your hair at home!

02 care

 Make you appearance look 10 years younger
 health care skin care 

 We think we need care both inside and outside the body to make you look younger 
,KAMIKIRIBEYA finaly found the idea that hair condition and scalp condition are also important to provide a style that pleases customerd.
 We will support your hair to be better than it is now, and we will provide total support including your body!

03 item

 Proposal of beauty items by experts that enable "Healthy and Beautiful"

if your hair want be better than it is now, you shold need  bring out the original strength of your hair, skin and body,
Makeshift care is not good for you !!!
We have been in the beauty industry for a long time and have been using very good moisturizing products and coloring agents that make the inside of the hair healthy.

04 body

We can also care for your body and face (esthetic . hair removal)

At our shop ,there are beauty treatment place that you can do while you are waitig to dye your hair
Our shop are 2 floors,that 2nd floor looks like Bari resort you can feel more comfortable

05 festival

   Hair setting and dressing for wedings and festivals

If you want to go to a wedding invited by a friend but don't know where to set your hair
For you, we offer low-priced skills so that you can easily attend the event.
And importantly, for those of you who live in Hamamatsu but have never attended the Hamamatsu Festival, we also have festive hair sets for your memories of Hamamatsu.:)

06 visit

   If you come to hard to coming our salon ,we can visit your place 

We visit some retirement home 4 times a week .
We don`t commpromise just  becouse you`re a senior citizens, we care about your physical conndition and cut your hair .
We have staff specializing in visiting cuts , they have home caregiver qualification.